Here you can find a small selection of interviews with me

such as in Business Insider, Spiegel, Tagesspiegel as well as Süddeutsche Zeitung.
Topics I regularly speak publicly: Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Diversity in Tech, Founding, Impact Entrepreneurship, Social Change, Educational Justice, my Personal Story, and much more.

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Forbes DACH

"Forbes 30 under 30 DACH - Mina Saidze"

The business magazine Forbes has chosen the most promising talents in their "30 under 30" rankings, including Mina Saidze.

November 2021

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Der Spiegel

"Forgotten by the Algorithm"

The IT industry is predominantly white and male. This often leads to software reproducing prejudices. Politicians want to change this, but offer little more than empty phrases. A private initiative has better ideas.

September 2021

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Business Insider

"IT Career Changer Mina Saidze Tells How the Tech Industry Can Become More Inclusive"

Data Evangelist Mina Saidze is the Founder of Inclusive Tech, an advisory organization that works to make the tech industry more inclusive. She herself is a career changer in IT and taught herself programming. Now she advises people who also want to take this step.

July 2021

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Süddeutsche Zeitung

“Dedicated Data Analyst”

Mina Saidze is the Founder of Inclusive Tech. She works to get more underrepresented groups such as women excited about Tech and Artificial Intelligence.

March 2021

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"Unfair Algorithms - How Technology Discriminates and What We Can Do About It"

A conversation with Mina Saidze, Founder Inclusive Tech, Constanze Osei, Head of Society & Innovation Policy Facebook, Prof. Wolfgang Wahlster, Chief Advisor German Research Center for AI, moderated by Christina Brause, Managing Editor WELT AM SONNTAG.

November 2021

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F15’ by Forbes DACH

"Democratization of Data"

Heidi Aichinger, publisher of Forbes DACH, interviewed Mina Saidze for F15' under the motto "Superwoman". Mina talks about the mission of why she strongly believes in the democratization of data as well as the purpose of the Axel Springer Youth Council.

December 2020

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Axel Springer

"Data Is Everywhere"

Data is often referred to as the “oil of the 21st century.” Unlike that limited energy source, however, data is ubiquitous. If you think this metaphor through to its conclusion, the question arises: Who is actually responsible for refining data to make it usable as digital fuel? Data Analysts like Mina Saidze. Axel Springer introduces Mina and her work.

January 2021

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t3n - digital pioneers

"What I Learnt as Child of Immigrants About Tech"

On the occasion of German Diversity Day, Mina Saidze has written a tribute to her parents, who shaped her work in the tech industry. Illustrator Hong Le shows Mina's story in pictures.

May 2020

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Business Punk

“This Is Why Germany Needs More Women in AI & Big Data”

In her guest article, Mina Saidze explains why the advancement of women is also the advancement of business and why there is a need for more female career changers in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

August 2020

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The Pioneer - Der 8.Tag

"Why We Need to Promote Diversity in the New Data Professions"

In Germany's leading podcast for visionaries “Der 8.Tag”, Mina Saidze talks about her mission: Promoting diversity in the new Data Professions and Artificial Intelligence. She points out that technology is never neutral, that it is based on value assumptions, on cut-outs and subjectivities - along with the social impact. The podcast reaches up to 100,000 listeners from politics, business, media and culture every day.

December 2020

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“Mina Saidze, How Did You Turn Your Passion Into a Profession?”

Linkedin DACH invited Mina Saidze to speak about her lateral entry in the tech industry and share her career tips on the Podcast "Nett Work".

April 2021

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“Data Professions: Women Don’t Have Enough Role Models”

In 2021, women are still far too few in technical fields. Mina Saidze wants to change that: With education and accelerator programmes, especially for women in the AI and Data Industry.

March 2021

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Courage Magazine

“Algorithms Can Discriminate”

Mina Saidze actually wanted to save the world - or at least make it a little better. As a teenager, she dreamed of uncovering political intrigues as an investigative journalist or advancing development projects in an aid organization. Today, the daughter of political activists from Iran and Afghanistan works as a Data Analyst - and has found her mission: More Diversity in Tech!

June 2020

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“For an Equal Future We Need More Inclusive Tech!”

Even in times when diversity in the workplace is becoming more and more important, sectors such as the data industry continue to be dominated by men. "Inclusive Tech" is committed to empowering underrepresented groups such as women and people of color to pursue careers in tech.

June 2020

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